Photography, Painting, and Digital Art

My first artistic love - photography.

I shot events (music, family gatherings, weddings), portraits, and street photography with a 35mm Canon Rebel. That's a film camera for those of you who are unfamiliar.

I still have some of my older work, but they are all digital files now. My mother has some of the last prints I made when I was a beginner photographer.

When Etsy came along, I had been painting with acrylics for a while. I used bold, bright colors to paint figures and abstracts based on fertility goddesses, yoga poses, and athletes.

I sold a few original pieces almost immediately. The pond was a lot smaller then, so making quick money on Etsy was easier.

This year during the pandemic, I took to making digital art for fun and found it very relaxing.

I'm starting to get my artist legs back, and I'm really enjoying the process so far.

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